Allergy Information

Pure Ghee Amul had been tested on milk allergy by FARL in Japan.(Food Allergy Research Laboratories FARL



【Inspection Item】Milk 


【Result】Less than 1.0ppm 

【Inspected by】FARL(Food Allergy Research Laboratories


※Not applicable to all allergies. Please ask your doctor if you have any doubt and try step by step.



◆For Children with milk allergies◆

 Under the guidance of an allergist, your children can try a bread made with Pure Ghee Amul as substitute for butter.


 If you are interested, the following conditions are required. Please consult your doctor.


Essential condition 1: Children in the late stage of weaning food diagnosed with milk allergy

Essential condition 2: Letter of referral has to be sent by your family doctor (because of the complete referral system)


Place:Kanagawa Children's Medical Center (Yokohama city, Kanagawa)


(※)This hospital is complete referral system. A letter of referral from your family doctor, your nearest medical

institution or a public health center is required and an appointment would be made accordingly. The hospital contact you when your first appointment will be fixed. Basically first appointment will be on Wednesday. It takes about 2 weeks for arranging your appointment, however it might take 6 weeks between February and April. You are not able to see the doctor without appointment.

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