About Pure Ghee

Amul Pure Ghee is used in the birthplace of Ayurveda , India which is a long seller product sold in 12 countries worldwide. Pure Ghee is very important food for the lifestyle in India  saying " one spoon a day " is an essential nutrition.


Basic Information

Pure Ghee is clarified butter that originated in ancient India. It is difficult to burn on a heated pan because the smoke point is high. Amul Pure Ghee has typical rich aroma and granular texture. 


Ingredients Milk Fat Country of Origin India Temperature Room Temperature
 How to Store

Please keep away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Please use up early after opening.

Nutrition information

 per 14g

Energy 130kcal / Protein 0g / Fat 14g / Carbohydrate 0g / Salt 0g

Saturated and unsaturated fatty acid(Excerpt)

per 100g

Parthymic acid 26000mg / Stearic acid 12000mg

Oleic acid 19000mg / Linoleic acid 1700mg

(※)The value at the time of measurement.There are some differences depending on the lot. 

Manufacturing process image

Why it can be stored in room temperature?

It can be kept at room temperature because it is hard to occur bacteria because the water and proteins are removed in manufacturing process.You can also store pure ghee in refrigerator for easy use in summer. (* Please always use cleaned spoon. If you use the spoon with any water or ingredients attached, it makes mold on pure ghee.)


How to use

 Basically same way to use as butter. This is unsalted, so you can add salt if you like.



・Vegetable stir fry

・BBQ ( Chicken, Beef, Polk and others )

・For making sweets and bread



・For curry (of course! it's Indian way)


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About Amul

One of the largest dairy producers in Asia established in 1973. Many of their products are available in USA, Gulf Countries, Singapore, The Philippines, Japan, China and Australia. Amul Pure Ghee is No.1 brand in India with high quality and trust. Amul Pure Ghee is made by 50% of cow's milk and 50% of buffalo's milk which is familiar with mozzarella cheese.